The impacts of the current global health pandemic due to COVID-19 have only been exacerbated by society’s long standing issues. Finding a vaccine or cure to COVID-19 will not alleviate our communities of the ongoing violence we have been experiencing due to racism, ableism, gender and sexuality based oppression, the ongoing genocide of indigenous peoples, the prison industrial complex, forced migration, the for-profit medical industry, and capitalist-driven climate change to name a few. With the heightened consciousness of society given today’s social, economic, and political conditions and contradictions, we need to fight for our basic rights! Although we are called on to socially distance, we can and must unite on collective action for the most oppressed! The world has already been turned upside down and as we recover, together, we can build the future we have always envisioned that priorities people over profit.
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Jan 31 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm