Work Groups

What We Do

In order to fight for this world that we believe in, we organize through carefully and efficient work groups.

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Direct Services

Triage the community’s most urgent needs through direct services and collective action.
We are living in a time of a global health pandemic and the people, already oppressed and exploited, are suffering now more than ever. It is only through a people’s response that we can identify and address the most pressing needs of our community. Direct services are our shared acts that can help alleviate the impacts of the current state of society. Our mutual aid projects range from grocery shopping, emergency funds, and resource distribution and sharing for the most vulnerable. To be clear, this is not charity, this is solidarity and mutual aid.


Information Hub

Serve as an information hub for community resources and information.
Not only is our community confronting a deadly virus, but we are bombarded daily with relentless fear stemming from misinformation and/or a lack of information. We believe that courage, even in the face of a pandemic, can grow from collective consciousness, knowledge, and action. From city updates to people’s-centered resources to Know Your Rights materials, we aim for our page to be an information hub of up-to-date, relevant, and factual news for the community. We will also share information on free and/or low-cost resources available off and online.* We believe in language justice and are committed to increasing accessibility to all materials we produce.


Independent Economy

Create and sustain an independent economy anchored by the people’s priorities and necessities.
We believe that the pandemic started before COVID-19 and that the true virus is capitalism. Capitalism is an economic system that believes in profit over people. As such, we aspire to create an independent economy that centers the working class, free from the chains of the current profit-driven system. Our projects range from a modest emergency fund for our most vulnerable community members to bond funds for our detained and incarcerated family and friends. We are a small, but powerful force that is committed to using our collective resources to uplift the community and to end economic oppression by society’s forced reliance on a system built on profit. It is our duty to imagine and build an alternative system as our community heals from both COVID-19 and the crisis of capitalism.



Build the foundations of the future we envision through campaigns rooted in the demands of the oppressed.
The impacts of the current global health pandemic due to COVID-19 have only been exacerbated by society’s long standing issues. Finding a vaccine or cure to COVID-19 will not alleviate our communities of the ongoing violence we have been experiencing due to racism, ableism, gender and sexuality based oppression, the ongoing genocide of indigenous peoples, the prison industrial complex, forced migration, the for-profit medical industry, and capitalist-driven climate change to name a few. With the heightened consciousness of society given today’s social, economic, and political conditions and contradictions, we need to fight for our basic rights! Although we are called on to socially distance, we can and must unite on collective action for the most oppressed! The world has already been turned upside down and as we recover, together, we can build the future we have always envisioned that priorities people over profit.


People’s Programming

Equip our community with educational and skills-building opportunities through people’s programming.
Although we are all quarantined, we strive to provide people-orientated alternatives to media that promotes the individualist and rat-race culture that brought us to today’s crisis. We hope to provide regular webinars on people’s history, skills-building workshops, Know Your Rights seminars, and more to equip our communities with the resources we need to survive and thrive amidst struggle. It is upon us to foster a culture of collective care and advocacy for one another – it is the only way we can survive this pandemic.